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ADR is short for the French title of the European treaty regarding the international transport of dangerous goods by road: "Accordeuropéen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route".


ADR certification is required to transport pyrotechnical materials.


The certification is also needed for all electrical and handheld streamer- and confettiguns with a buildin nitrogen cannister. These products are classified by the UNECE as dangerous goods.


AVMSFX has the necessary ADR certification for our own transports or for third-party transports.


AVMSFX is one of the only companies licensed to do pyro-shows in Belgium, Netherlands, France and the UK. 


AVMSFX holds following certificates

  • Certificate C4T2

  • KIWA GV & PSE certificate

  • ASP certificate

  • Swedish Civil Contingencies Certificate


AVMSFX is insured internationally for the use and storage of PSE (pyrotychnical special effects) products.