‘Never stop thinking, improving, innovating’ (Shu Uemura)

Some of our own experiences in the field lead us to design a durable solution that is improving the safety as well as installation time.  Each item is available for sale as well as for hire.


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Color Flame Canister in use.jpg

AVM-SFX Colored Flame Consumables

AVM-SFX Pyro Hardware

  • F-Spinner

  • 9-Way Stage Pyro Rack

  • 20-Way Stage Pyro Rack

  • 24-Way Stage Pyro Rack

AVM Galaxis receiver truss mount 04.jpg

  • Truss Plate for Galaxis Split Matrix 20-Way

  • Truss Mount for Galaxis PFE Advanced Receiver

  • Waterfall Bar & Tubes

  • Pyro Side Holder

  • Pyro Single Holder