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Smoke Bubble Blaster
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Big ass bubble machine, the biggest in the world. This machine is designed for big stages and event halls. Big output and creates a whole new special effect with smoke filled bubbles!

Bubble King

The Bubble King is a very high output bubble machine. It features three "Double Bubble Wheels" which generate a massive, continuous torrent of bubbles. The set of two fans at the back of the unit spread the bubbles far and wide.  With its large fluid reservoir, the bubble king will pack the venue with bubbles for as long as the party lasts!

Juniorfoam Foam Machine


The “Juniorfoam” generator is ideal for medium to smaller clubs, events and specially suitable for theatre and film productions. The unit is extremely quiet, very small and light weight. It has a foam performance of 40.000 litres per minute (theoretical foaming volume). The “Juniorfoam” can be installed in a hanging position by three
built in flying eyes. For operation additionally a tank and foam fluid is required.

FC-500 Foam Cannon

The MBN FC-500 has an output range of 6 - 8 m and is suitable for all parties and show events where shots of longer distance targets are required.

The FC-500 can be mounted horizontally or vertically in a hanging position or on the optional metal dolly.

F-630 Foam Cannon


The F-630 is perfect for greater discotheques, halls and open air events. With a foam performance of 250.000 litres foam per minute (theoretical foaming volume) the F-630 is the largest foam generator produced in series.
The F-630 can be operated standing or installed in a hanging positon by his frame

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