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The Flame Maniac is a unique effect machine witch produces spectacular (colored) flames up to 6 meter
highs. It doesn't need any gas or external pressure vessels. It is a plug and play system that can be used
indoors as well as outdoors. The compact unit is made of stainless steel for a long lifetime of the unit. Colors are
available in red, green, yellow, blue and purple. The comet flame unit has 5 angled flame outputs that can be
used independently. The Flamemaniac is controlled by DMX-512.

Size: 34,5 cm x 31,4 cm x 24 cm
Weight: 17,5 kg
Voltage: 240 V
Power: 240 W
Service: DMX-512
Output: max. 6 m
Consumables: 2,5 l (color) flame fluid (= 300 shots)

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