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The SPARKULAR Cyclone is a brand new product from Showven. It is the amazing spark effect up to 10m. SPARKULAR Cyclone with waterproof design allows shows not interrupted by rain. It is designed for the high demanding professional show market makes it an ideal choice for large shows, concerts, music festival, outdoor events etc..

You can look forward to an incredible number of benefits including:

  • A fireworks display with total control without any explosive content

  • ​The ability to control duration and height

  • ​No Hazardous content to deal with

  • ​Completely Enviromentally Friendly 

  • ​Industry first No Smell effect 

  • ​Industry first No Smoke effect


Switchable special effects mode(Low/High Level)

Fast response

Sophisticated design

None smoke

Easy set up

DMX control, strong controllability

Dimension: 457 x 370 x 280 mm

Weight: 27 kg

Input: 220 VAC 

Work Power: 1700 W

Interface: 2 DMX channels

Effect Height: 2 m-10 m

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