Depence² is a complete out-of-the-box visualization & simulation software that gives you, as a user, many advantages. With show design becoming more and more complex, using more and more varieties of different elements and media, Depence2 is the ideal platform to control and visualize your entire show.


Upload a full 3D model of the stage, venue or location, add lights, laser, even water effects and off course special effects to create picture quality and realistic visualizations that will convince any doubting customer. The rendering engine of Depence2 uses the latest simulation technologies for unprecedented results.


All physical and controlling characteristics of the equipment are simulated with real-time accuracy. Depence2 eliminates the guess work out of visualizing your designs and keeps your focus on creating perfectly synchronized multimedia shows. Linking Depence2 with your controller allows you to program and visualize the show as it would happen in real time. This being a huge time and money saving advantage compared to real time programming.

We can help you with visualizing your show, real or virtual, and assist you with programming. We can also supply you with Depence² Modules. Don't hesitate to contact us!!


We started to develop our own special effects library in addition to the standard Depence2 special effects library. We've created every single machine from this catalogue into the virtual Depence2 world. Each fixture is looking and behaving like it would in the real world.


Interested? Check to see the some of the endless possibilities or to order one or more of our Depence2 packs. Contact us for interesting combination offers that include our fixture packs in combination with some Depence2 modules.

Need a hand with a project visualization? We can help you out to design, draw and visualize your project. Contact us today for more information!

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