Welcome at our DRY HIRE

special effects & pyrotechnics RENTAL division for PROFESIONALS



Turning shows into unforgettable experiences has always been our goal ever since we started as a small special effects company. But today we are more than that. As a one stop dry hire rental & distribution company, we have a huge number and variety of special effects in stock, ready for any event you are planning, from a small private event to a large stadium concert tour.


We are passionate about our industry that is always vibrant and on the move. By stocking large quantities of the most up-to-date and innovative special effects and accessories from the world’s best manufactures and suppliers and making these available for hire, we want to be your partner!


Based on our long, extensive experience and inside-out knowledge, we developed a time- and money-saving special effects dry hire system with a lot of advantages for you, our clients and colleagues around the world.


Added to this we can assist you with project visualization, timecode programming, technicians, operators, logistics with on time deliveries and a whole lot of other services all the way to a successful implementation.

AVM-SFX is a definite one-stop shop for all your hire requirements of special effects, accessories and consumables. In case you lent your copy of this catalogue out of kindness and it never came back or you spilled coffee on it after late-night planning, you can always ask us for a new copy or find the catalogue on our website: www.avm-sfx.com