High-level SFX and Pyrotechnics to bring your festival to the next level. 

As event promotor or organization, sound and light company, subcontractor or partner of a festival, it’s your goal to:


  • create an amazing experience at each festival stage

  • to support artists in giving an unforgettable show in accordance to/with their technical or DJ riders/requirements 

  • and to succeed in developing/creating the perfect atmosphere and a safe festival environment for your visitors. 


As SFX & Pyrotechnics professional partner, AVM-SFX is experienced and passionate in supporting small to large sized ioutdoor festivals and to reach your target.

Professional choice of Special effects & Pyrotechnics for your festival

With our broad range of qualitative products from smoke, CO2, confetti, fire SFX to different Pyrotechnics, we create a detailed scheduling & concept of proof for your festival according to the size of your location & stages and your wanted effect.  


AVM Belgium bv

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9300 Aalst - Belgium

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