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The Freezefog is a smoke chiller unit, designed to be used in conjunction with a smoke machine to produce an extremely powerful low smoke effect. The smoke machine uses a specially formulated low smoke fluid to generate smoke which is pumped into the Freezefog unit where it combines with liquid CO2 from a remote gas cylinder.

The Freezefog can be used with both, low and high pressure, liquid CO2 cylinders.


With a high pressure liquid CO2 cyliner you will be able to produce 1 minute of cooled fog per 2,2 kg liquid CO2. With a low pressure cylinder it’s 3,5 kg liquid CO2.




Size: 65 cm x 65 cm x 49 cm Weight: 38 kg
Voltage: 240 V from G300 Power: 10 W

Service: DMX-512 (on G300)

Output: 500 m3 per minute Consumables: liquid CO2

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