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Meet The New AVMSFX Products

uFlamer is a global pioneer of vertical fluid driven flamer, with flame height up to 8-10m. Equipped with built-in fuel tank and pumping system makes it super easy to setup and operate.

Powerful low noise snow machine. The SNOWCASE creates foam snowflakes and blows them in the air. Start a snowstorm and let it snow anywhere you want.

Martin JEM Glaciator Dynamic is your complete solution for creating dense, billowy clouds of low-lying fog in any venue without the use of industrial gases or ice.

The perfect and safe alternative for real firework fountains! The SPARXTAR® blows special powder which creates sparks and a magical effect. No fireworks license needed.

SONICBOOM PLUS is the latest generation of smoke machines with dual production of smoke, using double output. It is designed for professional needs and using thereby faster and denser effects.

The SPARKULAR Cyclone is a brand new product from Showven. It is the amazing spark effect up to 10m. SPARKULAR Cyclone with waterproof design allows shows not interrupted by rain. It is designed for the high demanding professional show market makes it an ideal choice for large shows, concerts, music festival, outdoor events etc..

Sparkular Triple is a three way sparkular machine, with one verticle output and two 25° angled outputs. each output can be controlled individually and the fountain height can also be controlled from 2-4m. Sparkular triple is equipped with high-speed motors to provide super fast effects and bursts. 

The grandMA3 light is the brand new version of the already beloved grandMA2. It is the perfect tool to control all kinds of SFX genres like flames, confetti blasters, psyco2jets, sparkulars, switchpacks, .... It supplies an intuitive and fast control of all connected fixtures and channels. The grandMA3 light can handle an almost infinite number of presets, cues, pages, sequences and effects. 

​The powerful Me2’s double output is ideal when you need high amounts of fog.

The powerful Me4’s quadruple output is ideal when you need seriously high amounts of fog.

Our high output ICE FOG Q creates a thick dense low-lying fog with zero residue without the use of dry ice.

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