1.Make your selection

Choose the required equipment or consumables in our Dry hire & consumables catalogue or thru our online platform

2. Mail us or follow the steps on the platform

Mail us at the following information:

  • Required equipment or consumables & correct quantity. Please remember to order all accessories, incl. cables or hoses, required for adequate and safe installation and usage. We are not responsible for equipment that was not ordered. In case you have doubts about the exact requirements; please contact us. We’re more than happy to inform you.

  • Exact rehearsal & show days. These are the days the equipment will be used

  • Invoice details

  • Delivery address

  • Way of transport

3. We will answer

We will check your request for availability and you will receive a quotation from us. All prices in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice. The quotation will provide you the latest prices for the requested items but does not reserve them.

4. Sign

Sign our quotation. It’s easy and can be done digitally. Orders can only be confirmed by returning a signed order. Changes or cancellations within any order must be in writing by e-mail and are subject to the following terms:

  • Within 15 to 8 days before pick-up / transport date 25% of total price is charged

  • Within 7 days before pick-up / transport date 50% of total price is charged

  • Within 1 day before pick-up transport date 100% of total price is charged

5. You have a delivery

You will receive the equipment. Please check if the delivery is received completely and in good condition. Any damages should be reported to the delivering driver upon delivery and to AVM-SFX. As soon as you receive the equipment it’s your responsibility.


6. Showtime

Make the audience speechless.

7. Clean

Please clean all the equipment and make sure all is complete and in the original condition it was received in. We can clean it for you but this will result in an additional invoice. Please clearly mark any damaged or broken equipment.

8. Return to sender

Return the equipment to our warehouse or contact us to arrange the return transport for you. Equipment that is returned too late will be invoiced.

9. Check and test

Upon arrival we check & test all equipment. Damaged or broken equipment will be repaired and costs (and missing equipment) will be invoiced additionally.

10. Pay the bill

After everything is checked and cleaned, we make your invoice based on the given invoice details. After receiving our invoice: pay it.


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9300 Aalst - Belgium

Tel: +32 53 43 83 43