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1. Request a quote

Our catalog gives you a comprehensive list of all our equipment and consumables. The most efficient way to request a quote is to send us your requirements by email to 

Don’t forget to mention the dates you need the equipment and the location for delivery and return.  


If you can’t wait to hear back from us, go to to simulate a calculation of the costs for your next project or find the latest additions to our inventory.


Please make sure you request all cables, hoses, nozzles, and other accessories necessary for a safe yet spectacular show. When in doubt, reach out to us. We are here to help!

2. Confirming a quote

We will make you a complete quote, including transport costs if applicable. As soon as you sign the offer, the equipment is officially booked and reserved for you.


Please make sure you order well in advance of your required delivery date.


If you need to make modifications or if you want to cancel your order, always do so through email.

3. Delivery

Upon arrival, check the delivery for any damages. If you notice damage in any way, please inform the driver immediately to take notice.


Unload the equipment and check if your order is complete and nothing is missing. If anything seems incomplete or damaged, please inform us as soon as possible. Send us pictures or videos to determine if you can still use the equipment safely.


Please note that you are responsible for all goods and their condition once delivery has been made. As the goods are your responsibility while you have them, we seriously recommend you take adequate insurance against all potential risks involved.


All equipment and accessories remain the property of AVM-SFX at all times during rental contracts

4. Return

Please empty all consumables and clean the machines after usage to avoid extra costs. The devices need to be returned in the same condition as you received them from us.


Accidents can happen. Should you have any damaged or broken equipment after usage, please mark them and let us know.

5. Inspection

Once the equipment returns to our warehouse, we will check it before sending it out again. Should we find damage or missing parts, we'll inform you immediately. We will also check to see if the equipment is clean and emptied. Repairs of damaged equipment, replacement of missing parts, and cleaning services will be invoiced.


In no way can AVM-SFX be held responsible for wrong usage, wrong placement, or any accidents whatsoever when using their equipment. The client is responsible for taking the necessary precautions when using the equipment and reading the user manual before usage.

All listed prices are non-binding end-user prices in EUR, VAT exclusive, and ex-works Affligem, Belgium.

AVM Flightcase
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