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Creating unforgettable experiences has always been our goal since we started as a small special effects company. Over the years, we grew into an international player in the SFX industry, and we became a partner for all production companies in need of devices, consumables and advice.


As a one-stop-shop, we have a massive inventory of special effects in stock, ready for any event, from a small private celebration to a large stadium concert tour. By stocking large quantities of the most up-to-date and innovative special effects and accessories from the world’s best manufacturers, we are confident we will provide you with the perfect gear.


Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of running productions ourselves, we developed a time and money-saving dry hire system with a clear focus on the needs of the events industry. All our devices get checked and maintained before leaving our warehouse by our in-house technical department.


We can assist you with project visualizations, timecode programming, and finding extra crew as an additional service. We have a network of technicians, operators, and logistic partners to deal with the challenges specific to our industry.

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