This T-shirt gun, has an large air chamber and a patented electronic firing mechanism. This allows the T-shirt
gun to reach distances over 100 m. This is quite useful in larger arenas and stadiums.


The Power Drop is a robust and simple device designed for safely dropping backdrops (cloths) from a truss system. It is simple operated by powering the device to drop the backdrop. The Power Drop is capable of dropping up to 20 Kg when loaded perpendiculair to. 


Giant spherical latex balloons available in 60, 80, 120, 160 & 210 cm diameter. These balloons are perfect for attracting attention to an event or to an exhibition stand. The balloon can be inflated with helium or air and can
be (full color) printed as well. Available in: yellow, orange, pale pink, red, pale blue, blue, dark blue, green, dark green, white, magenta, diamond clear, violet, black, gold & silver.


We feature Balloon Drop Nets for large professional events and Balloon Drop Bags for small gatherings. When planning a balloon drop, always consider the size of your space. 

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