AVM-SFX supplies pyrotechnics for the entertainment and event industries.

We are specialized in stage/indoor pyrotechnics and close proximity fireworks. Regardless of whether the requirement is, a one off studio production or a roof top pyrotechnics for a world stadia tour, we offer a safe, comprehensive and reliable service using only the best equipment and most reliable and safe pyrotechnics.       We are fully licensed to fire pyrotechnics in Belgium, Holland and France and insured to fire them all over Europe.



An airburst is a small package of powder that is suspended in the air from its igniter wire. When fired the effect explodes in the air like mini firework sells and there is no debris to come back to the ground. An airburst can even be loaded with a confetti or streamer charge. Making the confetti or streamers come down after firing the airburst.



A “gerb” is a fountain effect. When fired the device produces a column of silver or gold sparks. Gerbs can be very varied; they can be small (1,8 m high) or large (6 m high)and can vary in duration from 1/8th of a second up to 20 seconds duration. Shorter duration gerbs are sometimes called “jets”.



A waterfall is simply an adapted gerb that is specific designed to be fired upside down. Sparks are falling down during the duration of the effect.



Flashes are a simple device that create an instantaneous flash when fired. There are many variations to the
simple flash. For example the flash effect can be coloured or have a loud explosive noise or even has sparks



A “mine” is an effect that shoots a bouquet of bright colored stars up in the air.



A “comet” is very similar to a mine. But instead of having many smaller stars there is only one, very bright, star
that will shoot in the air and burns itself out at the apex of its flight.

Falling Star


Nearly the same effect as a “comet” but instead of shooting a bright star in the air a “falling star” drops a bright star. The star burns in the air and burns itself out at the apex of its drop.



A concussion is a very potent form of flash powder. The powder is loaded into a concussion mortar (or concussion pot) and when fired it creates a very loud bang. 

Concussion effects are usually fired in conjunction with other effects to give a jarring shock with the visuals.


A “flare” is a device that produces a very intense bright light of various colors for a few seconds.

Line Rocket

A line rocket is a device that is attached to a steel wire and allowed to travel the distance from the line. A line
rocket produces a whistle noice and produces a sparks tail.

Ice Fontain


This is a specially constructed, safe form of sparkler which gives a spectacular display when lit. The non-toxic composition lights immediately, sending out brilliant streams of sparkles, bringing any celebration to a dazzling
climax. This eye-catcher is widely used when serving bottles in clubs.
We can offer you 30 sec and 60 second ice fountains.

Ice Fontain Sign


An ice fountain is one of the safest effects around, it has many the same characteristics of a gerb but the burning temperature is much lower than a conventional gerb and the effect is not as high.
Many times ice fountains are used to make pyrotechnic signs. We can reproduce any logo, text or sign in order to create an exclusive eye-catcher.

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