Add magic and a high impact /greatness/grandeur to your show, stage or theatre production with SFX and Pyrotechnics.

AVM-SFX is experienced in firing special effects and stage pyrotechnics for different theatre and stage productions such as musicals and larger international productions or shows for famous artists. 


According to your complete show script we have a lot of experience in adding the right special effects and pyrotechnics at the right moment by creating simulations to have a complete visualisation of intented effects at different parts/ scenario’s of your show. 


Do you know the various show content of the eurovision song festival according to each artist? From fire, smoke, water, CO2, to confetti en mini firework with streamers or glitters, the possibilities in altitude, position and effects are endless! 


Next to Eurovision song, we already supported musicals like Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Leila show en much other small and large iconic international stage productions. 


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