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The Host Controller is an intelligent system specially designed for the multi-effects and remote control of SPARKULAR series products, so as to realize the simulation and demonstration of multi dynamic effects. The Host Controller has multiple interface types and control mode adapting to modern stage, can be triggered by Audio and MIDI time code to achieve music synchronization, and use LAN to achieve collaboration and communication between multiple host controllers.

Standard DMX512 signal output, supports 1000m communication line at maximum and could control 18 Sparkulars simultaneously.


Integrated five standard effects modes: synchronization, center to ends, ends to center, left to right, right to left.
Besides, the user-defined special effects mode can be realized via SPARKULAREdit200. Every mode can save 8 files and each file can support 36,000 lines at maximum(special effects for 30 minutes). 

Host controller can monitor the status of each SPARKULAR to ensure a safe and confident show.
Built-in Lithium battery, not limited to environmental power supply.



Dimension: 390×300×110 mm

Weight: 3.5 kg

Input: 220 VAC or Internal battery 

Max. Cascade Sparkular unit: 18 units

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