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SPARKULAR FALL is a hanging silver waterfall equipment for indoor/outdoor use, generate dazzling silver "waterfall".


SPARKULAR is the first cold spark fountain machine,adopting brand-new control system and standard DMX Control to realize multiple stage special effects.

You can look forward to an incredible number of benefits including:

  • A fireworks display with total control without any explosive content

  • ​The ability to control duration and height

  • ​No Hazardous content to deal with

  • ​Completely Enviromentally Friendly 

  • ​Industry first No Smell effect 

  • ​Industry first No Smoke effect


Switchable special effects mode(Low/High Level)

Fast response

Sophisticated design

None smoke

Easy set up

DMX control, strong controllability

Dimension: 196×208×192 mm

Weight: 6.0 kg

Input: 220 VAC 

Work Power: 400 W

Interface: 2 DMX channels

Adaptable Truss Size: 40-60 mm

FALL Lenght: 2 m-7 m

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