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Sparkular Triple is a three way sparkular machine, with one verticle output and two 25° angled outputs. each output can be controlled individually and the fountain height can also be controlled from 2-4m. Sparkular triple is equipped with high-speed motors to provide super fast effects and bursts. Stable and uniform spark effects generated by adopting channel adaptive technology. Exclusive RDMX technology help operator monitor the working performance of each machine. Together with high quality connectors and body makes the sparkular triple a stable and reliable professional addition the the sparkular range.


– Triple Heads, Multiple Heads
– Faster response, Stronger bursts
– RDMX function, Performance can be monitored by the operator

Dimension:  400×290×270mm

Weight: 20 kg

Input: 220 VAC 

Work Power: 1500 W

Interface: 2 DMX channels

Effect height: 1m-5m

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